• The Real Estate Vision of Marco Kozlowski

  • Posted on June 02, 2018
  • Marco Kozlowski

    One thing Marco Kozlowski wants everyone to know is that the path to wealth is not always easy. In his case, it was quite the struggle. At one point, he was a concert pianist and, like many in his position, he was young, and broke, even though he had a family to take care of and support. Because of this, for a long time, he accepted just about any type of work as a way to make ends meet.

    At some point, however, Marco Kozlowski decided to leave his home in Montreal and move to Ottawa to make his dream come true. He opened his own music school, which was certainly a scary and difficult move to make with a family, but at that point, he allowed his hopes to take charge over his fears. That first music school worked out so well, he opened another in Florida. He had no idea at the time, but that move opened up his world and provided him with many opportunities he could never have predicted.

    The reason Marco Kozlowski and his family could never have predicted his success is mostly because the opportunities that opened up were not in music, but in real estate. Almost as soon as he arrived in Florida, something he saw caused him to focus more of his efforts on the real estate industry. It was certainly more promising than taking odd jobs and just trying to make ends meet. He attended a real estate event that made him realize that real estate was a better way of building wealth. The best part was, unlike working at various pursuits where he traded time for money, real estate allowed him to save both money and time.

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