• The Career Journey of Marco Kozlowski

  • Posted on September 21, 2018
  • Marco Kozlowski wants everyone to know one thing above all else; the path to wealth is not always easy. In fact, when he looks back, he has to admit his path to wealth was actually quite a struggle. He remembers fondly the days when he was a concert pianist and struggling, just like most others in his position. At the time, he was young and broke, but he had a family to care for and support, and he would take just about any job that would pay some bills. Anything to make ends meet was fine.

    Marco Kozlowski

    Something changed at some point, however, when Marco Kozlowski made the momentous decision to leave his home in Montreal and move to Ottawa to make his dream of opening his very own music school come true. There is no doubt the notion was scary and the move would be difficult, especially with a family in tow. Then, however, he decided to let his hopes overtake his fears and to be bold, for a change. It was a good move; that initial music school worked out so well, he decided to open another in Florida, a move that would provide him with many opportunities he could never have predicted.

    That success was unpredictable primarily because the opportunities that opened up were in real estate, not music. As soon as he arrived in Florida, his effort to find a location for his music school caused him to believe the real estate industry offered a great opportunity that was far more promising than taking odd jobs to make ends meet. After attending a real estate event, he realize real estate was a great way of building wealth and not just make a living.

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